ThankYouSurfingThursday – May 19 2016


Seems like Spring turned to Summer with all the hot, steamy weather and tons of rain. The ocean also looked a lot like Summer with flat to barely rideable conditions all last week. It looks like more of the same this weekend in South Florida. Way upcoast will have some small background/trade swell with West winds, so it could be fun if you really want to get wet. Top spots maybe waist high, with some bizzaro bigger ones at wave magnets. Longer range, there’s a Low forecast to move off the Carolinas, which could throw us a little North swell. Stay tuned to @ThankYouSurfing for updates on that possible event next week.

Best bet?

#HandsAcrossTheSand on Saturday at 11am 501 Ocean Dr and then way upcoast for clean, offshore wind,  knee to waist high swell on Sunday.