ThankYouSurfing Thursday – July 21 2016


? Well, we lucked-out and got some relief earlier this week with some windchop from the SE. It didn’t get much above thigh high, but it lasted for a few days. Pretty good for summer! ✅


Forecast:? Looking pretty good! ESE tradeswell was showing nicely in the swell magnets way up coast from Central to North Florida today. Surf holds Friday and slowly fades Saturday and Sunday. It’s not going to be big, but definitely rideable in the waist to shoulder range for Friday. Saturday early will be still fun size maybe stomach high or so at the best spots. By Sunday, it’ll be more in the fish/longboard range and only at better tides. Flat in South Florida.


Longer range: ?The Cape Verde Season is showing signs of life. The models are showing some fairly major waves to come off the African coast as we head into August. It’s the season for watching the ITCZ, so let’s start looking for blobs on the radar with signs of spin!


Best bet?

? Head way upcoast for the weekend! Bring your summer shortboard, a fish and a longboard. You’ll surf all weekend! ?