ThankYouSurfing Thursday – July 28 2016


Whoever went upcoast last weekend definitely scored. Anyone see the shot of @davosjuevos by @surfsupwolf ? ?

It looked so fun! ? Locally, the wind’s been slightly stronger than is typical for this time of year, so we’ve seen some barely rideable surf from time-to-time when the tide cooperated.

Forecast: Summer-like conditions  for the beginning of the weekend. Then, as we get into Sunday and the beginning of the workweek, we’re watching for a tropical wave to pass near the Bahamas. Depending on the track/intensity of this system, we could be looking at some rideable SE windchop for the early part of the week locally. It could be a good deal better than that if the system organizes, as some forecasts have shown. Lots can change, especially tropical system forecasts, so keep checking our feed for updates on this potential swell maker. Either way, it looks like upcoast is looking like a repeat of last weekend’s ESE tradeswell for top spots in Central and North Florida for Monday-Tuesday-ish from enhanced winds from the wave. Maybe even a bit bigger than last weekend’s swell, actually. Our friends @DaBuh have been talkin’ this up for almost a week!

Longer range: ?The Cape Verde Season is underway. ? It’s such a fun time to be a surfer in the Atlantic!  Right now, there’s a series of waves making their way across the ITCZ. We’re getting closer to the heart of Hurricane Season, so our odds are getting better that one of these will pop! ? Like we said in our forecast above, there’s some potential for some homegrown development early next week so that’ll be the thing to watch! ?

Best bet?

Get ready for Hurricane Season… Make sure you’re supplied with all the essentials. Maybe buy a new leash and some tropical wax- just in case. ?