New Project Update – Fall 2016

We’ve been working on a bunch of cool projects, so we want to share everything that’s been happening behind-the-scenes!


When we started ThankYouSurfing, we had no idea where it would take us. But, we had a simple mission:

Give back to the surf community.
Improve forecasting and reporting.

So far, it seems like people really like what we’re trying to do! As of November 2016, nearly 5,000 people follow us on Instagram and more than 2,000 people have visited this website. We’ve been getting really good feedback so we want to continue adding features and other projects.

Here’s what’s next for ThankYouSurfing:

Increased Reporting


We recently expanded daily reports to include both Martin County and Northern Palm Beach County thanks to our contributors, Areth and Jeff.

Volunteer to do a daily report from your beach by using this form.





We’re working with Check The Waves to get more buoys off the coast of Florida.

Hurricane Matthew knocked out an already dwindling number buoys that gather oceanographic/weather data. These buoys provide invaluable information used in reporting and forecasting marine conditions.

Learn about our effort to add more buoys!



Waves of Florida



Surf photographers are awesome people. They provide an invaluable public service by documenting every swell, surfer, and happening in our community. Waves of Florida will be a showcase of the of best surf shots with opportunities to support our photographers by buying their incredible, one-of-kind images.

Follow Waves of Florida on Instagram!



If you have any ideas for us, comment below!

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