Talk Story: Episode 3

Brad Wells of ThankYouSurfing and Christian de la Iglesia of F1RST Surf Shop discuss surf and culture.

This episode includes:

  • Surf Report/Forecast
  • Week Local Happenings
    • BBQ at Division Wynwood
    • Tattoos by Ami James
    • Surfrider Foundation Miami Movie Night: Surfing Cuba
  • Surf Expo 2018
    • Expo: Then and now
    • State of the industry
    • Business of surf shops
    • Online and Brick & Mortar
    • The customer experience
    • Creators and Innovators
  • Coolest thing you saw at Surf Expo 2018
    • Futures Fins Air Injected
    • Waxless surf traction
    • Firewire: TOMO/Slater Designs/Rob Machado Surfboards
    • Floating Tiki Hut
  • The appeal of surfing
  • Tips for wearing a wetsuit. (Especially for Floridians who are terrible at it)