Talk Story: Episode 6

Brad Wells of ThankYouSurfing and Christian de la Iglesia of F1RST Surf Shop | Division Wynwood discuss surf and culture.

Weekly Local Happenings

– Event Space Available at Division Wynwood

– Jose’s Wedding

– Local Lens: Annie Tworoger on the blog

– Women in Pro Surfing

Surf Report/Forecast

– Tradeswell

– Mysto North Swell

– Surfing 200 Days a Year… In Miami!

– Larsen Clan

Learning to Surf

– Learning to Surf: Chris de la Iglesia

 ++North Beach: Tradewinds Surf Shop, Island Water Sports, Bird’s Surf Shop, Xisle Surf Shop

(Cameo by Ami James)

(Santi Sanz Joins)

– Learning to Surf: Santi Sanz

 ++ Kendal: Taking the Bus from Don Carters

 ++ Catching the First Real Wave…Then a Rock.

– Learning to Surf: Brad Wells

 ++ Long Island, New York: Boogieboarding, Skating, Snowboarding

 ++ Wetsuits as a Way of Life

– The Old Days at SoBe

 ++ Kids Getting Beat-on by Old Guys

 ++ Rules of the Line-up and Localism

– Learning to Surf as an Adult

 ++ Trial and Error as a Method of Learning

Surfing in the Olympics

– Snowboarding  in the Olympics

– Losing the Counterculture / Rebellion

– Shaun White

– Snowboarding Raising the Bar

– Surfing in the Olympics

 ++ Wave Pool (Kelly Slater Wave Company)

 ++ Surfing in a Controlled Environment

 ++ An Even Playing Field (Apples to Apples)

Learning to Surf

– Surf on the Internet

 ++ Dade Co Surf (Tom Cook / Greg Gordon)

 ++ Forecasting Surf in Miami


– “Still a kook’

 ++ NE Mega-chop and Masochism

Why Have Quiver of Surfboards?

– Where does “quiver” come from?

– The 3 Board Quiver

– Longboards/Funboards

– Getting older…and still surfing.

– The Wetsuit Factor

– Why everyone needs a big board (that fits in their car/elevator)

– Shortboards and Volume Counts

– Hypto Krypto and Volume

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