What is our beach reopening plan? (COVID19)

Beaches will open. But when & how?

Eventually, all of our beaches will need to open. As stewards of the coastline, surfers should be leading the process of shifting from closed to open beaches. We just need to let the government know how we feel about reopenings.

Make your voice heard

This letter was developed so that you may email your local elected officials easily:

Sample Email


It doesn’t need to be today or tomorrow, but eventually, the beaches will need to re-open after the COVID19 related closures. I am asking you to represent us with a measured plan to get back to normal before the public chooses to disregard the rules as a whole.

Neighbors are already asking for access to parks, as seen in the Miami Herald article on April 10, ‘Parks don’t kill people’: Stuck at home, residents plead for green spaces to reopen”. And, then subsequently in the Miami Herald, future openings of parks was explicitly expressed, “Miami-Dade mayor forming plan to ease COVID-19 restrictions. Parks first on agenda”. I fear that completely open, business-as-usual is unlikely for quite a while. So, where do we start? I believe it’s with access to the ocean.

While I don’t want a pandemic spreading in my backyard, I do believe it’s possible to utilize our public assets in a safe manner. Luckily, on the beach, exercise activities like swimming, surfing, and paddling are very different from sunbathing or gathering and easily distinguishable from each other. If we can safely practice social distancing across other areas of the city, I believe we could also do the same for our beach.

I understand that there will be a hesitancy to re-open the beaches for fear of an onslaught of visitors. We’ll need to practice social responsibility and have enforcement in place to ensure the rules are safely followed. 

When it comes to our beaches, it’s not a question of if our beaches will open. Right now, we need to decide when and how they will be opened. Will it be completely open? Will it be open to residents only? Will it be open only for exercise activities?

As a resident and active member of the community, I am willing to provide input to our process for a plan to reopen the beach. I’m asking for your help and to be my voice as my elected representative.



Local Government Elected Officials

City of Miami Beach

MayorDAN GELBERDanGelber@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerMICKY STEINBERGMickySteinberg@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerMARK SAMUELIANMarkSamuelian@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerMICHAEL GÓNGORAMichael@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerSTEVEN MEINERstevenmeiner@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerRICKY ARRIOLARickyArriola@miamibeachfl.gov
CommissionerDAVID RICHARDSONDavidRichardson@miamibeachfl.gov

Miami-Dade County

MayorCARLOS A. GIMENEZmayor@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 01Barbara J. Jordanbjordan@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 02Jean Monestimedistrict2@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 03Audrey M. Edmonsondistrict3@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 04Sally A. Heymandistrict4@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 05Eileen Higginsdistrict5@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 06Rebeca Sosadistrict6@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 07Xavier L. SuarezDistrict7@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 08Daniela Levine CavaDistrict8@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 09Dennis C. MossDennisMoss@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 10Javier D. Soutodistrict10@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 11Joe A. Martinezdistrict11@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 12Jose “Pepe” Diazdistrict12@miamidade.gov
COMMISSION DISTRICT 13Esteban L. Bovo, Jr.district13@miamidade.gov

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Thanks for being involved!

Things don’t just magically happen. They take effort and thought by individuals in our communities. You don’t need to be anyone special. You just need to contact your local government. It’s their job to represent us. Let them know how you feel.

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