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ThankYouSurfingThursday – April 28 2016

Surf forecast is for flat or nearly flat conditions for South Florida this weekend. There will be some minor Easterly background swell up above the Bahama shadow, but only knee high or so. Wind is lightest on Saturday. Maybe some small building SE windswell for Sunday. Best bet? Waaaay upcoast with longboard, fish, or SUP on Saturday morning. Maybe bring…

Cold(est) Fronts

Two cold fronts will pass through the Florida peninsula this week, ushering in the coldest air of the season to date. Record low temperatures are possible on Wednesday night through Friday morning with lows in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s. These will create advancement of cold, northerly flow in a series of shots on Wednesday and Thursday. Break out your wetsuits!

Cold Front, Cold Front

Overview A cold front passed through the Florida peninsula bringing dry, cool air in to the region. Another, stronger cold front is currently making its way south. Currently, the front is pushing through Lake Okeechobee and is bringing another shot of colder air along with Northwest/North winds. This feature, combined with a rapidly deepening low off the Mid-Altlantic coast, will…