What is ThankYouSurfing?

A Surf Community that helps you score waves and connect with the local scene.

This website exists because we love to surf- and if you want to be a surfer, you need a good surf forecast and report.  You also need a place to share information and ideas with other surfers: a community to talk about boards and equipment, to show-off photos and plan travel. ThankYouSurfing is my tribute to the websites that helped to provide the knowledge and community I needed to become a surfer.

Who is ThankYouSurfing?

Brad Wells

Hi. I’m Brad. The creator of this website.  Over the years, I’ve been a visitor, member, contributor and publisher of many surf websites. I have been posting surf forecasts for New York, New Jersey and Florida since 2008. I also run Alpha Current, a Miami based consulting company that manages marketing, sales and corporate development projects.

Why ThankYouSurfing?

I was inspired to create a website that gave back-to and celebrated surfing. This website is an extension of my gratitude for surfing and a place for surfers to share surf forecasts and information.

Read more about why I started ThankYouSurfing here.