Welcome to ThankYouSurfing!

ThankYouSurfing is a community-focused initiative born out of a deep love for surfing and a desire to give back to and celebrate it’s culture. Drawing inspiration from the amazing surf communities and resources that have shaped the founder, Brad Wells’ surfing journey, the platform is dedicated to paying homage to these communities and providing a space for surfers to connect and learn. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or just starting, ThankYouSurfing invites you to join this community of ever-stoked, lifelong groms! (kooks?)

What is ThankYouSurfing?

ThankYouSurfing is your hub for connecting with surf culture and community. Check out some of the stuff we’re doing!

Website and Blog

Welcome to ThankYouSurfing.com, your destination for all things surfing! Explore our features, including surf photos, comprehensive information, and resources for reporting and forecasting in “Surf Science,” exclusive interviews with surf photographers in our “Local Lens” section, the latest surf news, competition updates, and highlights from surf culture. Read about important surf-related environmental issues and gain insights into surfing and mental health. Plus, don’t forget to check out our Podcast episodes and Blog posts for a deeper dive into surf culture.

Podcast and Vlog 

The ThankYouSurfing Podcast explores surfing culture and history, started by hosts Brad Wells and Christian De La Iglesia. Each episode is a tribute to surfing, celebrating its legends, stories, and the connections it fosters within communities worldwide. Through diverse narratives and personal reflections, ThankYouSurfing offers listeners an immersive journey into the soul of surfing. Why are YOU thankful for surfing? Available on YouTube and everywhere you can listen to a podcast. RIP Christian De La Iglesia

Social Media

Stay connected with us on social media for everything surfing! Follow us for surf reports, the latest surf news, competition updates, highlights from surf culture, photography, environmental discussion, and insightful content about surfing and mental health. Plus, get easy access to our website and other content. Beginning in 2015, we provided daily photo surf reports for Miami Beach for over 2,000 consecutive days!


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Creating memorable experiences that highlight the local community is at the heart of what we do at ThankYouSurfing. We co-host surf competitions like Pescaito Frito and participate in significant events such as the Surf Expo and the Surfrider Foundation Annual Summit. We’re also passionate about hosting events related to surfing and mental health. Whether it’s holiday pop-up shops featuring surf photographers or podcast recording parties, we’re all about bringing people together and celebrating our shared love for surfing.


We’re passionate about exploring the world of surfing through travel. Whether carpooling for surf sessions in Florida or meticulously planning excursions to unknown locations with friends, we’re committed to being prepared and plugged into the local scene. With personal surfing experience spanning the East Coast of the USA, Hawaii, California, Indonesia, Maldives, Spain, United Kingdom, Nicaragua, Mexico, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, and St. Martin, we’re enthusiastic about sharing our love for surfing and travel. 

Speaking and Consulting

Brad, the founder of ThankYouSurfing, is a speaker and consultant in the surfing community. He’s been invited to speak at prestigious events like the Surf Expo, the Surfrider Foundation Annual Summit, and the University of Miami. Brad is a trusted authority with deep expertise in surfing history and culture, surf forecasting, surfboard design, surf travel, and retailing. As a master of ceremonies and surf announcer, he’s hosted numerous events, captivating audiences with his passion.

Surf Team

Our surf team comprises a select group of talented humans whom we provide with education, guidance, funding for travel and contest entry fees, equipment, and other necessities to support their journey in the surfing world. Through mentorship and support, we aim to help them achieve their full potential and excel in and out of the water.


Our ambassadors are stoked members of our community who support and promote ThankYouSurfing’s vision. They play a vital role, offering advice, making connections, contributing photos and videos, creating art and music, and embodying the spirit of aloha. And they give out a lot of ThankYouSurfing stickers. 


It all began with a few stickers, but soon, our beloved coffee mugs and pins/buttons were regularly spotted in the wild in our local community and far-flung destinations. Now, we’re expanding to include more items for the surf community—products that you’ll find useful and enjoyable. Stay tuned as we continue to grow our collection!

Meet Brad, the Creator

Hey, I’m Brad, the mind behind ThankYouSurfing. Surfing has been my lifelong passion, and since the 1990s, I’ve been deeply engaged in the surfing community. From contributing to surf websites as a forecaster to co-founding the University of Miami’s Surfrider Foundation chapter and later serving on the leadership team of Surfrider Miami, my journey has always centered around building connections among surfers.

My entrepreneurial journey began with Swells Surfboards in NY, where we crafted boards in my parents’ garage. Transitioning through corporate business and thriving startups in New York and Miami, I now lead as the managing partner of BryteBox, a marketing consultancy specializing in Design, Architecture, and Hospitality.

With a Bachelor’s and MBA from the University of Miami, I bring expertise in project management, marketing strategy, and business development to all my endeavors. Beyond my professional pursuits, I’ve been honored to represent Surfrider at speaking engagements during the Annual Summit and Surf Expo. Through ThankYouSurfing, my mission is to capture the vibrancy and diversity of our surfing community while fostering a sense of belonging for all surfers.

Why ThankYouSurfing?

My journey into creating ThankYouSurfing began in the mid-90s when I caught the surfing bug. Back then, the internet was a new source of surf knowledge, and I spent hours devouring surf-related content on the web One of my early favorites was NewYorkSurf.com, a comprehensive platform that provided everything from surf forecasts to community events. Another gem was TC’s Dade County Surf Forecast, which became my go-to source for understanding Florida’s surf dynamics.

As the internet evolved, so did the wealth of information available to surfers. However, I noticed a gap—I was still the go-to person for surfing advice among friends, colleagues, and even long-lost acquaintances. That’s when I realized the need for a platform like ThankYouSurfing, where surfers could come together, share knowledge, and celebrate the stoke that surfing brings.

So, I Started ThankYouSurfing

Inspired by the incredible surf communities and resources that shaped my surfing journey, ThankYouSurfing aims to pay homage to these platforms and provide a space for surfers to connect and learn. Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or starting, I invite you to join this community of ever-stoked, lifelong groms/kooks!