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Talk Story - Episode 10

Talk Story: Episode 10

 Brad Wells of ThankYouSurfing and Christian de la Iglesia of F1RST | Division Wynwood discuss surf and culture. Special guest: Lou Lozada. Surprise Guests: Alex Montero, Rudy Duboue, Jonathan Valerius, and Rene Gomez. (And, Napoleon, the super pup!)   This episode includes: Weekly Local Happenings Surf Report/Forecast Jobs for Surfers Surfing as Healing Surf Photography: Crisis or the Golden…

Lou Lozada - Local Lens

Local Lens: Lou Lozada

“If you live long enough, you SHOULD regret something you’ve done. Otherwise, you’re probably a self-absorbed jerk.”   Biography Name: Lou Lozada Age: 49 Occupation: Human Hometown: Miami, FL Current town: Coral Gables, FL Interview Do you surf? Yes Favorite thing about shooting? How much I enjoy it. It’s just fun. How did you learn to shoot surf photography? Just…