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ThankYouSurfing - Talk Story - Episode 16

Talk Story: Episode 16

Brad Wells of ThankYouSurfing and Christian de la Iglesia of F1RST | Division Wynwood discuss surf and culture. Special Guests: Annie Tworoger, Amy Cobb, and Jennie Pickens. Cameos by: Kai Tworoger, Juliana and Tristan Marqueza. Sound Effects: Jovann Guillermo Lopez. A/V: Caleb Wishart This episode includes: – Weekly Local Happenings – Surf Report/Forecast – Girls in the Lineup – Dating…

Annie Tworoger - Local Lens

Local Lens: Annie Tworoger

Be a good human. Biography Name: Annie Tworoger Age: 38 Occupation: Architect by trade Hometown: The laudy daudy Current town: … SB 🙂 Interview Do you surf? Some 😉 Favorite thing about shooting? Makes smile How did you learn to shoot surf photography? Not sure I’ve ever learned yet. Shooting set-up? Nikon d700  How can the surf community help you?…