Local Lens: Annie Tworoger

Be a good human.


Annie Tworoger


Architect by trade

The laudy daudy

Current town:
… SB 🙂


Do you surf?

Some 😉

Favorite thing about shooting?

Makes smile

How did you learn to shoot surf photography?

Not sure I’ve ever learned yet.

Shooting set-up?

Nikon d700

 How can the surf community help you?

“Stay off my waves.
(Kidding. Kinda)
And pick up any garbage /plastic /trash you see in the water. At least, if anything, on land en route to and from the water.

Support Surfrider.
Local businesses and artists.
Care about where you live, and where you love to go.

Smile. Be good humans.
Speak up when shats not right.

Guide the groms.
Show them how.

Best day ever?

Just one?
Every day. It’s our choice.

Looking forward to…

Another firing day here 🙂 And PNG

Words of Wisdom?

Be a good human.

Best travel experience?

Prettiest skies here. ..traveling is always good.

Surf photography is…

South beach. When she’s on. She’s on. ???

Shout outs?

To everyone. All heart. All honor. All love.



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