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2 - Oscar Socarras - Local Lens

Local Lens: Oscar Socarras

Practice makes perfect. Biography Name: Oscar Socarras Age: 36 Occupation: Air Traffic Communications Specialist Hometown: Miami, FL Current town: Miami, FL Interview Do you surf? If mind surfing counts – yes. Favorite thing about shooting? Everything from the forecast, planning a trip, the ride with friends, and the experiences obtained from exploring someplace new. How did you learn to shoot…

Group Photo - ThankYouSurfing - Typhoon Lagoon - August 6 2016 (courtesy Oscar Socarras)

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip – August 6, 2016

Surfing in a pool in Orlando is surreal. It’s completely unnatural. Everything is manufactured. But, it’s there. And, luckily for us, it’s totally surfable. Hence, the ThankYouSurfing Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip was created! You may laugh and call it a mushburger, but if the ocean goes flat and travel funds are limited, it’s a very good alternative. And, it’s guaranteed waves.…