Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip – August 6, 2016

Surfing in a pool in Orlando is surreal. It’s completely unnatural. Everything is manufactured. But, it’s there. And, luckily for us, it’s totally surfable. Hence, the ThankYouSurfing Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip was created!

You may laugh and call it a mushburger, but if the ocean goes flat and travel funds are limited, it’s a very good alternative. And, it’s guaranteed waves.

On August 6th, our crew of 16 (8 surfers, 2 photographers, and 6 really dedicated girlfriends/wives) spent the morning at Typhoon Lagoon. We were lucky to have Oscar Socarras Photography and Vodagraph shoot our session.

Here’s some of our favorite shots from the day:

Video by Oscar Socarras Photography

Additional Media:


Oscar Socarras Photography

Sequence Animations:

Album of Animations (Original photos by Oscar Socarras Photography and ThankYouMiami)

Periscope Video Streams:

Stream 1 and Stream 2 (Filmed and narrated by Margarita of ThankYouMiami.)

Want to come on the next Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip surf with us?

We’re going on July 15th, 2017.

Info and Registration Here.

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Brad by Oscar Socarras - Typhoon Lagoon Surf Trip - August 6 2016



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