Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future – ThankYouSurfing Podcast Relaunch

ThankYouSurfing Podcast

Surfing isn’t just a sport—it’s a lifestyle, a culture, and a deeply ingrained passion for those who embrace it. In the bustling surf scene of Miami, two friends, Brad and Chris, found their shared love for the ocean evolving into something extraordinary. What started as casual conversations at a local surf shop soon transformed into ThankYouSurfing Podcast, a platform that celebrates surf culture, local legends, and the indomitable spirit of the surfing community.

Join us as we dive into the story behind ThankYouSurfing Podcast, exploring the waves of passion, the challenges faced, and the journey forward as we relaunch with renewed determination and a commitment to honoring Chris’s legacy. This is more than just a podcast—it’s a tribute to the essence of surfing and the incredible individuals who make up its vibrant tapestry.

The Story Behind ThankYouSurfing Podcast

Brad and Chris were more than just surf buddies; they were kindred spirits bonded by their deep connection to the ocean. Chris, known affectionately as Dinger in the surfing community for his expertise in ding repairs., had a background working in surf shops across different locations, including a stint at Quiksilver and a memorable time living in Hawaii. His dedication to surfing was unmatched; he would check the waves a hundred times a day.

As for Brad, he was a self-proclaimed surf nerd, constantly immersed in all things surfing—talking about it, learning about it, and, most importantly, hitting the waves whenever he could. Their friendship blossomed over countless afternoons spent at the surf shop, where they would chat about surfing, share stories, and soak in the weird, little surf culture of Miami.

The motivation to start ThankYouSurfing Podcast came naturally during one of their surf shop sessions. Chris proposed the idea of a talk show centered around their favorite topic: surfing. Initially considering a radio show, they eventually pivoted to the idea of a podcast—a radio show on the internet. And so, in 2018, ThankYouSurfing Podcast was born out of their shared love for the ocean and the desire to share their passion with the world.

The podcast’s format was a reflection of their conversations—surf reports, local happenings, and thematic discussions related to surfing. This format provided structure while allowing them to delve into topics that resonated with the surfing community. Inviting guests from the Miami surfing scene added depth to the podcast, bringing in diverse perspectives and capturing the essence of surfing in different eras and locations.

At this point, Caleb, a friend who often visited the surf shop, stepped in to help with the technical aspects. With his expertise in audio and video production, Caleb significantly improved the quality of the podcast, making the recordings more professional and polished. His involvement was a game-changer, allowing the team to focus more on content and less on the technical challenges.

Challenges and Changes

The journey of ThankYouSurfing Podcast wasn’t without its challenges. Technical hurdles, such as recording equipment and scheduling, initially posed obstacles. However, the biggest challenge came with the unexpected passing of Chris. His untimely death deeply impacted Brad and the entire surfing community, raising questions about the future of the podcast.

Reflecting on this loss was a poignant moment for Brad. Despite the emotional turmoil, he found solace in the podcast’s mission—to preserve surf culture, honor Chris’s memory, and continue sharing stories that resonate with surfers worldwide.

Waves of Memories

In its early episodes, ThankYouSurfing Podcast became a platform for surfers to share their stories. From newcomers to seasoned veterans, each guest brought a unique perspective, creating a time capsule of surf culture. The podcast’s connection to local legends and surfing history became evident through these conversations, highlighting the evolution of surfing in Miami and beyond.

The Journey Forward

As ThankYouSurfing Podcast prepares for a relaunch, Brad envisions a renewed focus on exploring diverse perspectives on surfing. Traveling to different surf communities, capturing stories, and delving deeper into what surfing means to individuals worldwide are all part of the podcast’s evolution. Despite the challenges faced along the way, Brad’s determination to carry forward Chris’s legacy and celebrate surf culture remains unwavering.

Remembering Chris

Chris’s presence continues to be felt in every wave, every story, and every episode of ThankYouSurfing Podcast. His passion for surfing lives on through the podcast, reminding us of the joy, camaraderie, and sheer exhilaration that surfing brings. As Brad reflects on their journey, he acknowledges Chris’s role as an integral part of the podcast’s success and promises to keep his spirit alive in every episode.


As we look forward to the relaunch of ThankYouSurfing Podcast, we are reminded of the power of passion, resilience, and community. Surfing isn’t just about riding waves—it’s about connecting with others, preserving history, and embracing the endless possibilities that each wave brings. ThankYouSurfing Podcast embodies this spirit, and we invite you to join us on this journey of exploration, celebration, and gratitude.

Stay tuned for the relaunch, where we’ll dive deep into surf culture, connect with legends, and honor the legacy of Chris and all those who’ve contributed to the rich tapestry of surfing history.
Thank you for being a part of our surfing community.