ThankYouSurfingThursday – June 16 2016

5C79FAD4-D76B-4D82-950F-220A3EA9BBE3Holy smokes! Another surf forecast with waves? In June?!

This week, we’re watching for a low to exit the mid-Atlantic coast sometime Saturday evening or Sunday morning. Once that storm hits open water, it’s predicted to get spun up nicely and very likely throw down some fetch in South Florida’s swell window. We’re confident we’ll see some swell in the Sunday PM and Monday time frame above the Bahama Bank. All the models are showing a fairly solid event, with head high to overhead waves definitely possible. Even Miami may get a shot at some North swell… depending on what this low actually does when it hits the open water. The image shown has three different models depicting the forecasted conditions on Sunday morning at 6am. Where that storm actually winds up will define how good it actually gets. Some runs of the models have shown the low move at us, and then loop back away- which would be quite a swell event. We’ll be watching the storm closely as it’s wave making windfield develops and then the subsequent swell hitting buoys upstream from us. Stay tuned to @thankyousurfing as this swell develops.

Best bet?

Celebrate #InternatioanlSurfingDay with your friends from Surfrider Miami on Saturday afternoon at Broken Shaker at the Freehand. Don’t forget to RSVP!