ThankYouSurfingThursday – June 9 2016

The tropics really came out of the gate strong this year! We were glad to have some waves to report last week, although not as big as initially predicted. Monday/Tuesday was in the knee to thigh range, but still tons of fun with big boards and small expectations. (As evidenced by @realkevinclancy above)

Tropical Storm Colin tracked further north than the models were predicting as the storm was forming. That limited the swell potential by changing the wind direction/strength/duration. It’s a good reminder of the difficulty of pinpointing the path of a tropical system, especially one that is still developing.

Looking forward, there’s not much to talk about wave-wise for next week. This giant blob of moisture sitting on top of us was given a slight chance for development, but that’s no longer really predicted at all. Further out, models are indicating a low coming out of the Ohio River Valley and entering the Atlantic off the Carolinas late next week, followed by another low. It’s a long way out, but the forecasts are showing the same general trend in that time period, so it’s worth keeping an eye-on. There’s a good chance that the predicted low(s) produce mostly westerly wind, but South Beach is one of the few places that can pick up waves from a windfield that doesn’t seem pointed towards the coast. Climatologically, it’s a hot zone for (sub)tropical development this time of year, too.

Best bet?

Visit @liquid_tube_surf_shop for a blowout, everything-must-go-sale. Their location on 71st Street (Miami Beach) will be closed as of July 1. Best of luck @eduardo_oropeza!