ThankYouSurfing Thursday – July 7 2016

IMG_0093The first week of July was hot, but luckily some tradewinds kicked up enough motion to get some slides during lower tides. Barely knee high, but rideable on the right equipment. It seemed like the best tide to surf was outgoing 2-3 hours before dead low. Once the tide bottomed out, the surf dropped and never seemed to pick back up on the incoming. Maybe the wind dropped off and the surf machine turned off with the daylight. But it was kinda weird considering our groundswells usually prefer the incoming tide.

Forecast: Summer. We’re waiting on the tropics to start heating up. We came out strong with three storms, but it’s been quiet ever since. Way upcoast will continue to see small ESE tradeswell. Anywhere from completely flat to thigh high at the wave magnets.

Best bet?

Go surf in a pool. ?  Waves guaranteed. ? For info on the Aug 6 session visit the page for the Typhoon Lagoon Trip.