Local Lens: John Landers

Be kind, but be fierce. – Winston Churchill


John Landers


Recovering fashion photographer.

Hollywood, Florida.

Current town: 

Hollywood, Florida.


Do you surf?

I’m learning!

Favorite thing about shooting?

I love the positive energy. I also love working together with my wife (photographer Deborah Clark), being at the beach, and meeting awesome people. It’s all very life-affirming.

Least favorite thing about shooting?

Paying for parking.

Shooting set-up?

Currently, a 13-year-old Canon EOS-1D MkII (thanks, eBay!) and an equally vintage Canon EF 35-350mm f/3.5-5.6L USM lens. I’m also planning to bring my Nikonos film cameras out into the lineup this season.

How can the surf community help you?

DM me when the surf’s up at Haulover or Harbour House!

Best day ever?


Looking forward to…

The next south Florida swell!

Words of Wisdom?

“Be kind, but be fierce.” – Winston Churchill

Best travel experience?

There’s no place like home.

Surf photography is…


Shout outs?

I’ll always be especially grateful to @arnspray, @kaicolon8, @rklifesaver, @rubenlev, Shifra, and all of the other south Florida locals who welcomed and encouraged us early on. My wife and I probably wouldn’t be pursuing surf photography right now if they hadn’t been so supportive when we first started.




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