Welcome Back, Unicorn

Unicorn. We’ve been waiting for you.

And on January 28th, 2019 you returned. While you may have only come back for a short period (less than one day, to be exact), the surfers of the 305 thank you for one of the most epic days in recent history for South Beach. The morning started with a trace of north swell at dawn. By 10am, it was pushing head high. By 1pm, it was full-on. Around the high tide mark after 2pm, we saw South Beach do some things that haven’t been seen in years! By the next morning, it was back to flatness.

Your surprise appearance sent both surfers and photographers alike into a frenzy. I mean, we really haven’t seen you around since nearly a year ago during Winter Storm Riley! Per usual for a swell at SoBe, some left their jobs midday. Others, well, does anyone in Miami really work?! Even the folks from up north made the gameble of a multihour drive to experience the best swell Miami has seen in over 7 years – and Unicorn, you did not disappoint.

This gallery is about surf photographers capturing it all.

The waves.

The people.

The joy.

These images represent the combined work of five photographers during a great run of swell on January 28th, 2019. Visit their social media and websites. Buy stuff from them. Tell them that you appreciate their work and encourage them to share their talent again the next time the Unicorn appears. Because, although rare, we know it’ll be back. And we thank these surf photographers for always helping to commemorate the moment.

Deborah Clark

David Nacho Hernandez

John Landers

Renee Thomas

Annie Tworoger